AIRCARE HDC311 Replacement Wicking Humidifier Filter, 3-Pack, 1 Gray/Black 2

Be sure to always use essick Air brand wicks/filters which have been independently tested to ensure they meet high standards. Replace your wick at least once per season, or more often under hard water conditions. For more information go to www. P65warnings. Ca. Gov. Warning: this product can expose you to chemicals including benzene which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

A good humidifier is only as good a its wick. Use with ea-1201 Humidifier.

Essick Air 1970-2 Humidifier, 2-Quart Bacteriostatic Treatment, 2 Pack, Clear

Essick air products humidifier Bacteriostatic Treatment helps to control bacteria and algae growth in evaporative humidifiers. 2 - 32 ounce Bottle. Regular use will eliminate bacteria/algae growth and keep your unit smelling good. 1/8 capful bacteriostatic treatment per gallon of water. Use to control the Growth of Bacteria and Algae in Humidifiers.

Use only original essick Air Bacteria Treatment for Optimal Performance of Your Humidifier. Use with Evaporative Humidifiers. Helps eliminate Unpleasant Odors. Repeat process when refilling. When filling the humidifier, use 1/6 fluid ounce approx.

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