Foozet Window Air Conditioner Cover Medium

Foozet Innovations ACC02B-1 - Stop cold air- drafts from entering your home - cover all the A/C outsidebottom included of window-mounted air conditioning unit. Easy installation, minimum assembly, and convenient • works with any brand name window mounted air conditioner Specifications: • 21"width x 15"deep x 14"high • Support A/C BTU ratings of: 7, 000 - 12, Durable, 000 BTU Inside dimensions - 25"width x 20"deep x 17"high.

Including two sturdy adjustable straps to secure your cover. Seals out weather - dirt, leaves, moisture, snow, debris, ice, grime and even in extremely windy areas. High density durable material - waterproof, highly resistant to sunlight, mold, mildew and clean look. Reduce the time you spend maintaining your unit and prolong it's life by protecting it form the winter elements.

Foozet Window Air Conditioner Cover Medium - Lowers heating costs. Prolong A/C life. Fits most 7, 000 - 12, 000 btu window Air Conditioner Units. Features: • available in three sizes to accommodate most any size ac unit • cover all outside of the window a/c units, especially the bottom • Fully welted seams provide a neat, and other unwanted items out • With two straps, wind and sunlight • Keep debris, custom-made appearance • High quality lightweight material that are both waterproof and winter weather-resistant • Stands up to sub-zero temperatures, snow, ice, with plastic buckles, insects, rain, of adequate length.

Foozet durable window air Conditioner Cover Light Duty, Small Eliminates cold drafts.

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Indoor Air Conditioner Cover Beige Medium - 15 -17"H x 22 -25"W x 2"D

Laminet Cover CZAC9 - This indoor window A/C cover prevents expensive heat loss. The indoor window A/C cover comes in a beige color that compliments most rooms. More effective and attractive than plain plastic covers because of the quilted outer shell. Removable installation tape is included with the indoor window A/C cover for a snug fit.

Seal your air conditioner in winter to prevent heat loss, as well as keep out dirt. Double insulation has windblock foam liner and quilted machine washable poly/cotton cover. Size: medium - 15 -17"h x 22 -25"W x 2"D. Color: Beige. This durable indoor window air conditioner cover also features a polyethylene-foam inner liner for added insulation and helps prevent drafts.

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