FOTILE JQG7522 30″ Range Hood Under Cabinet Kitchen Stainless Steel Wall Mount with Mechanical Button black

6 sf super large covering Area and 30" Extra-wide Fume Inlet. It has 3 speed settings with touch screen control panel. Side-draft style is closer to the fume and grease source. 30 inches and 3 speed Settings with Touch Screen Control Panel. The top, back and two sides are all designed with flat surfaces, which match perfectly to any kind if cabinet or installation style.

Folding oil filter make it can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Fotile jqg7522 & jqg7502. G are the simplified version of JQG7501. Hunt smoke 360°. It's pipe was taken from the top and wall-mounted. 90° *normally open fume baffle Plate. It prevents the smoke from spreading effectively and protects you against its harm.

Double centrifugal fan System Offers More Power to Guarantee no Air Resistance. Mechanical button Control Easier To Operate More Durabel. Double centrifugal fan system offers more power to guarantee no air resistance. 30" extra-wide fume inlet, screen lock function make it easily cleaning. 6 sf super large covering area.

Nexcare Acne Cover, Drug-Free, Gentle, Breathable Cover, 36 Count

Works like a sponge to remove puss and oil. Works while you sleep. Transparent, you hardly know it is on. Helps reduce the urge to touch and pick at the blemishes. Help blemishes clear with Nexcare Acne Blemish Covers. Simply peel a cover off the liner and apply to clean, dry skin. Safe to use on a variety of skin types, these non-medicated covers help absorb excess oil from the affected area.

Gentle yet effective. When the color changes from clear to white, you know it is working. Say good-bye to blemishes with the help of Nexcare Acne Blemish Covers.

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