Genuine Aprilaire 313 Media Air Filter, Pack of 3

Aprilaire - Aprilaire 313 air Filters are the heart of your air purifier. Aprilaire. Aprilaire 313 air filters are designed to fit the aprilaire Model 1310, 2310, Model 3310, and Model 4300 Air Purifiers. Specs:-aprilaire 313 air filters have a high-efficiency merv 13 rating-Genuine Aprilaire Self-Seal 313 ensures the best performance-Change Aprilaire 313 Air Filters every 6 months Factory Authorized Aprilaire Distributor.

Be sure to use the model specified for maximum performance.

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Aprilaire OEM Air Cleaner Media 213 - 3 Pack Special

Aprilaire - 3 pack. Aprilaire air cleaner media 213 filter fits Model 4200, 2210 MERV 13 filter. 3 pack special! aprilaire oeM replacement Filter 213.

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Aprilaire 310 Air Filter for Aprilaire Whole Home Air Purifiers, MERV 11 Pack of 1

Research Products Corporation - pallet ordering 310 A1 - By aprilaire - the leader in indoor air quality solutions, 3310, 2310, to optimize the performance of your Aprilaire Air Purifier Model: 1310, 4300. Vacuum and dust less often by preventing airborne particles from settling on your furniture and flooring. Easy as 1-2-3 to install in the unique aprilaire interlock Rail System.

Unpack. Slide in. Choose the aprilaire filter with the MERV rating that fits the needs of your family and home. Performance tested to ASHRAE 52. 2standard, minimum efficiency reporting value – MERV 11 Aprilaire oeM replacement Filter 213. It traps airborne dust as air circulates through the filter– reducing your cleaning time and frequency, and allows you to enjoy your clean home even more.

Aprilaire 310 Air Filter for Aprilaire Whole Home Air Purifiers, MERV 11 Pack of 1 - 3 pack. Higher number values translate to more effective filtration. Close the door. Note: merv is a scale used to measure the effectiveness of air filters. Your hvac system is protected from airborne particles too, which helps lower your energy costs, and can prolong the lifetime of your equipment. Done.

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