LG 3751DD1005B Rack Assembly, Black

Please check your pervious model for compatibility. Part # 3751dd1005B. This is an o e M Authorized Part. From the Brand: Lg. Color: Black. Country of Origin: United States. This is genuine replacement LG part.

LG Electronics 5005DD1001A 6026050 Dishwasher Silverware Basket Assembly with Handle, Gray

For use with the following lg electronics models: lds5811bb, ldf8812st, d1607wb, ldf7810ww, ldf6810ww, d1412tb, ld6310tb, ld6090bb1, lds4821ww, ldf7932bb, d1608tb, ld6300tb, ldf6810bb, ldf7811st, ldf6920bb, ld6300bb, lds4821bb, ld6090bb2, ldf7811ww, ld6100tb, ld6100bb, ldf6920ww, ld6105bb, d1608bb, ld6090tb2, ld6090tb, ldf7811bb, ld6100wb, ldf9932st, lds5811ww, ldf6920st, ld6105tb, d1613wb, d1613bb, ld6090wb, ld6310tb1, ld6090bb, ld6105wb, ld6090tb1, d1607bb, d1608wb, d1607tb, lds5811st, ld6100tb1, ldf7932st, ldf7810st, d1613TB, LDS4821ST, LD6105TB1, LD6300WB.

. Silverware Basket Assembly with Handle. Each compartment has a flip-top. Each compartment has a flip-top. Lg electronics part number 5005DD1001A. Gray plastic. Refer to your manual to ensure ordering the correct, compatible part. For use of some LG Electronics models. Lg 5005dd1001a silverware Basket Assembly with Handle.

Gray plastic.

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