Pan Heater for Condensate Pump

SUPCO CECOMINOD085270 - Pan heater for condensate Pump' B>price for: Each.

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RSC Series Solid State Relay Overload & Start Capacitor Combination - Supco RCO210

Supco B0025TX05G - For domestic and commercial refrigeration systems and freezers moUNTING - Quick Connect HP RATING - 1/2 VOLTAGE VAC - 115 Supco rco210 overload capacitor. Features/ benefits replaces current-type relays provides a boost for hard start and unbalanced systems Prevents low voltage starting problems No additional wires required Applications One size for all compressors from 1/12 hp through 1/2 hp.

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Supco S8141-00 Complete Commercial Defrost Timer Replaces Paragon 8141-00

Supco S8141-00 - Direct replacement for Paragon 814100 Supco rco210 overload capacitor. Adjustable Defrost Frequency. Heavy duty synchronous motor. Adjustable defrost frequency up to six 6 times per day. 120 volt. Heavy duty steel case. Heavy duty Steel Case. 120 volts. 1 no and 2 NC switches. Adjustable cycle duration from 4 to 110 minutes.

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Condensate Drain Pan 30-OS | Condensate Remover | Refrigerators or Freezers

Sealed Unit Parts Company 30-OS - Dimensions: 10" x 4" x 2-7/8" Supco rco210 overload capacitor. Commonly used in commercial coolers and bending machines. Cast aluminum with legs elements cast into pan 120V with UL approved 20" line wired direct 160W. Evaporating Rate: 8 Oz/Hr. 110v. Heavy duty Steel Case. 160 watts. Adjustable Defrost Frequency. 120 volt.

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