Skuttle Product 55UD

Product number: 55UD. Category: HVAC. Skuttle 55UD. Flow thru under duct humidifier with 24v humidistat brand: Skuttle. Free shipping on this item! .

Skuttle Humidifier Evaporator Pad A04-1725-045, 2-Pack

Guaranteed to fit your whole house humidifier. Made in usa with high-quality components. Features: OEM factory original product. This product is found in the large bypass and fan powered humidifiers manufactured by Skuttle, Goodman, White-Rodgers and others. Includes wick. Areas with hard water may need to change their humidifier filter more often.

For optimum performance, replace filter once every 6 months. This high-quality product is made by a leading manufacturer to replace the humidifier filter AKA water panel, water pad, evaporator pad in many makes and models of whole house humidifiers. Evaporator pad #a04-1725-045 fits whole house humidifiers from Skuttle, White-Rodgers, Goodman and others.

2-pack original Factory Replacement Water Panel Evaporator. Specifications: 11" x 12-1/2" x 1-1/2" for use with these models: Skuttle: 55-UD. Constructed using an expanded aluminum mesh pad covered with a special clay-like coating that absorbs water and removes mineral deposits.

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